G-FORCE Drivers

Benefits of the G-FORCE Drivers



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The G-Force Driver creates dynamic pressure pulses that have been proven to help you complete CT operations in horizontal wells by reducing wellbore friction when paired with a mud motor. It is the most cost effective alternative ERT tool on the market today with a proven record.

The G-Force Driver is a much shorter tool, which in completion operations creates a much shorter and manageable BHA and thus reducing daily spread costs to the customer eliminating in most cases the need for outsourced cranes and additional lubricator. G-Force Drivers do not contain any elastomer or PDM sections; this enables the tool to be used during nitrogen applications with no adverse affect on the tool. G-Force does not charge for damages to the tool and no charge for redress, which helps to ensure the lowest possible cost to the customer.

The G-Force Driver has been used all across the country with great results in field proven applications (See testimonials). Complete CT operations in extended reach horizontal wells, reduces friction between the BHA and wellbore, increases ROP times, does not damage other tools in the string, and has an economical advantage over the competition. G-Force Drivers can be shipped overnight anywhere in the country for minimal cost because of its size and weight thus reducing customer down time. We currently have over 200 tools in circulation and continue to manufacture more tools each month.

Typical Extended Reach Applications:

All Coiled Tubing Operations

Acid treatments

  • Wellbore cleanouts (Cement / Scale / Mud)
  • Sliding sleeve manipulation
  • Logging
  • Coiled tubing drilling (CTD)
  • Fishing
  • Plug Milling
  • Window Milling

Workover Rig Operations

  • All Milling and Drilling operations
  • Mud Displacements
  • Wellbore cleanouts

Tool Specifications:

  • OD: 2.875"
  • Connection: 2 3/8” PAC
  • OAL: 20"
  • WEIGHT: 28 lbs
  • Max GPM: 4.5 bpm
  • Min GPM: 1 bpm
  • Best operating range: 3.25 bpm
  • Variable Pulsation based on Flow Rate
  • Temp Range: 550 deg. (F)
  • Max Overpull: 110,000 lbs.